Pro’s and Con’s of Owning a Home in your 20’s

In February of 2017 I bought my first house and I was 23. Many people think it was a smart move, and other people thought I was crazy.  It all depends on where your at in life, and what your plans for the future are. For me it made sense to buy a house, I am not going to have to relocate for my career and I make enough to support a house hold. Any ways, here are my pros and cons for buying a house at 23 Years Old.


You earn equity if you buy smart.
In my case, I bought my house for 230k in Arizona, and my house appraised at 245k. 15k in equity already. Houses that have been on the market longer have a better chance of this happening.
Your payments to your mortgage are payments towards your investment. When you rent some where you never see that rent payment ever again.
A house gives you a hobby. I have really enjoyed fixing up little things here and there on my house.
Having a Yard!! This was huge for me, I have a dog that needs the space. And who doesn’t like having a garden or planting.
Getting your own space completely. No one lives above or below me, and I don’t share any walls with anyone. This is really nice for me since I like to listen to music a lot, and when a song I like comes on I usually listen to it way too loud.


Its expensive to get into a house at first. I think I paid about 6k in just random Fees… on top of that you have a down payment. Then if you don’t have appliances or furniture. It can get expensive fast.
Maintenance. You actually have to maintain a house just like you have to maintain a car. Ex: mow the yard, pull weeds, clean every room, water plants, remember when trash day is, clean the garage/driveway, fix leaks, use 4 different types of cleaners for all the different surfaces in your house.
Monthly bills add up. Depending on where you live… Electricity is anywhere from 80-200$ in Arizona running the AC, internet 50-100$ depending on if you need the bandwidth (I do), mortgage is between 1000-2000$ usually for a first house, mortgage insurance 100-200$, house insurance 75-200$ depending on how much you need, water bill I have yet to pay more then 70$, and Food. (Its important to have a stable job when going to buy a house.)
Your friends and family either think your a Bad Ass, or that you’ve blown a gasket.

That’s just what I have experienced so far (2 months) of owning a home at 23 years old. Comment let me know your thoughts on owning a home.


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