Survive Your 20’s

Everyone knows that time in your life when your not really sure what you’re doing or where you’re going, or even how to start getting somewhere. From my experience this happens in you’re early 20’s. It’s that time in you’re life when you are in college getting your general education courses out of the way and trying to figure out if business is really what you are interested in doing for the rest of your life. Or you are taking a serious look at the job you’re in wondering if you could manage to work your way up the food chain far enough to make a good living. These are some troubling and complicated times for most of us. Here are a few tips that I used while I was going though that time of my life.
Make yourself valuable!
Find something unique that you can do really well and make it a point to learn more about it. Practice whatever it is until you can do it in your sleep. A job is going to pay more for a person who knows what they are doing, than they will pay to teach someone how to do a job. This will make yourself more valuable for a job in the future.
Look Good on Paper!
If you have to get a certificate online, or a degree from a University, have something to put on your resume that makes you qualified. Take a look at the job you want in the future and see if there is something you can do to make yourself look good on paper for that job. Even if you only have interest in a field that you might want to go into later on, get a certificate for it. This will help you find out if its really something you want to do or not, and at the same time it gives you something to put on your resume.
Most of the time in your 20’s you are focused on working to make money, going to school to have a future and socializing to make sure you’re not alone forever. Those are all great things, but they are all very energy draining. Learning to take time away from all of those things to just be by yourself and take time for yourself, is an important life balancing skill. Taking time for yourself by yourself isn’t “taking time to do laundry by yourself”. Its doing something to help yourself decompress from always being on the go. For example, go for a walk/run while listening to music, do yoga, meditate, read a book, or write in a journal.
Know your limits!
Knowing when you have drained your energy is very important. Most people go and go and go until they get sick or exhaust them selves to a break down. Knowing when to say you need a break is just as important as continuing to pursue your goals.
Build Close Friendships!
A lot of times in your 20’s you make a lot of friends but not on a close and personal level. Having close and personal friends through your 20’s will help you out when you graduate and it becomes harder to meet people.

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