5 Jobs Where You Make Your Own Schedule

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Drive for Uber or Lyft.

Uber and Lyft have taken off and become one of the most popular modes of transportation in the United States. Becoming a driver for them allows you to work only when you feel like it simply by turning the app on or off. I personally know people that have been able to make 200-300$ a night on a weekend.  Thus, making it one of the top ways to make money on your own schedule.  For more on “Becoming a Driver for Uber or Lyft.”

Deliver for Amazon.

Delivering for Amazon allows you to choose blocks of time out of the day that you wish to work. Pretty close to working your own schedule, also Amazon pays between 15 and 20$ per hour.  Check out “How to become a delivery driver for Amazon” for more info!

Become a Vlogger.

If you have an interesting life of know how to make interesting content that people will watch, one of the fastest growing ways to make money on your own schedule is to be a Vlogger. There are a lot of people that try to become a vlogger and are unsuccessful. The main reason for this is they don’t have interesting content or they don’t know how to get their vlog known though social media. But if you know how to do those things it should be pretty easy. One key thing to remember when becoming a vlogger is learn how to edit video really well. The way a video is edited can either make the video awesome or ruin a video entirely. Check out “Adobe Premiere Pro” or “Camtasia” for good video editing tools.

Write a Book.

If you have an amazing story to tell and know how to write, then writing is the path for you. Now days you can get an E-book published so easily that almost anyone could have a published book. Check out “Publishing a book with Kindle” for easy steps on publishing an E-book.

Start a Company.

If you have an idea for a company and have the skills to figure it out, then starting your own company is the most lucrative way to make your own schedule. Starting a company is a very scary thing for some people, but I would encourage anyone who has passion with a business idea to try to take the next step in starting your company.  Check out “4 Business Ideas” for more on starting your own company. 


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