Publish a Book with Kindle

After you have written, reviewed, and edited your book and you are looking for an easy way to publish. Kindle online is the answer.

You will want to make sure that you have an Amazon account. Once you have your Amazon account information navigate to and sign in.

After doing this, the site will navigate you towards registering your tax information for the royalties associated with your book.

You will then want to go to your bookshelf in and add a new title. This will take you to the process where you will fill out the key words associated with your book, the title and the description.

Next you will want to upload the cover and book files. The cover must be in the format of a JPEG.

Preview your book to make sure nothing was left out. Then you will want to choose the pricing and rights associated with your book. Worldwide Rights is the most common choice.

Once you have choses the price of your book you will save and publish. Amazon will review the information you have provided and contact you with in a couple days when they have made your publication live.


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