Basic Vehicle Maintenance

Everyone with a vehicle has to maintain their vehicle. Here is a check list of a few things that may help you stay on top of it.

  1. Check your tire pressure. Over time the constant driving on our tires causes them to loose air which means periodically we have to air up our tires. Things you will need to maintain the right amount of air pressure:
    1. Tire Pressure gauge.
    2. Air Compressor.

Once you have these things ready, look at the side wall of your tire. On there will be a recommended PSI for your specific tires. Check the air pressure with the gauge and determine if they need air or not. If your tires need air simply hook up the air compressor and turn it on while watching the gauge attached to the compressor. Once the gauge has reached the desired PSI detach the compressor and place the cap back on the valve. Repeat as needed for all 4 tires.

  1. Get oil changes on time. Usually cars come with a warrantee which requires the owner of the car to stick to a maintenance schedule. When you get an oil change done they put a sticker on your window with a date and or mileage count. It is important to get your oil changed as close to that date and or mileage as possible because sometimes deviating from the schedule will void your warrantee. Always keep an eye on the date and mileage on the sticker on your window.


  1. Check windshield wiper blades. Occasionally the rubber part of our windshield wipers gets dried out and cracked making them no longer functional when it is raining. It is important to occasionally check the rubber on your windshield wiper blades and get them replaced if needed.


  1. Contact the dealership you got your vehicle from and ask for a maintenance schedule. This will be the most beneficial way to take care of your car. Chances are the dealership sells more cars like yours, meaning they probably know a thing or two about taking care of them.


  1. Clean your car. Part of maintaining your vehicle is cleaning your car. Its important to not let dirt stay on your vehicle it may ruin your paint and other mechanical parts on your vehicle. Check out 5 Tips on cleaning your car.

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