Managing Your Time

Planning Ahead

One good way to plan ahead is to use a calendar. Everyone who has an email and a smart phone has access to a calendar, its just a matter of using it. This will help you see what you have coming up in your schedule and help you be prepared.

Getting in a routine.

Building habits is the best way to get in a routine. Waking up at the same time every day for example becomes a habit after doing it for so many days. It is beneficial to put reminders on your calendar for the time of day that you want to start creating a new habit. The key is sticking to it even if you feel lazy one day, power though and do it even if it sucks one day.

Prioritize things.

Setting priority on things is another great way to manage your time. For example, most of us prioritize work things so making sure that we reserve time reserved on our calendars is important. Once you have all your work things on your calendar you might have another priority of exercising, put a set time every day or every other day that is designated to exercise. The order in which you fill out your calendar will help you prioritize things. Fill out your calendar with your number one priority first, number two priority second and so on and so forth.

Setting Goals and Prioritizing them.

If we don’t set goals we kind of wander through life with hardly any direction. Setting goals with a priority level is very important, this is what helps us keep our motivation and drive. Once you have decided what your goals are set aside time a couple times a week or even every day for working towards your goal. Make sure to put that time on your calendar with reminders so you don’t loose sight of your goals.

Maintaining yourself while keeping up with the day to day.

It is important for us to take care of ourselves through out our busy lives. Make sure that you block time off on your calendar for taking care of yourself. It that ever precious “Me Time” that we need to make sure and include in our schedules. The “Me Time” keeps us feeling refreshed and helps us keep our emotions in check while we juggle our crazy lives. Remember to occasionally take time away from all the “screens” we have in our world now. The “screens” being TV, Computers, Phones, and Tablets, all these “screens” are very stimulating they keep our brains going 100 miles an hour. Take the time to turn all of them off and pick up a book or enjoy the view somewhere, try to unplug from all the stimulation at least a few times a week.    


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