Dating Tips

1. Don’t be afraid to ask that person out. The worst thing that can happen is you end up right back where you started. Getting denied, and not asking at all turn up the same result, so what have you got to loose. Go for it!

2. Always be genuine and honestly up front. People find it more attractive when someone is 100% real with them. Putting on a front does nothing except cause arguments and distrust.

3. Go the extra mile. Although things like buying flowers and candy seem cheesey. Do it anyways, secretly most people want all of the cheesey things. So don’t hold back because of it being cheesey.

4. Don’t be cocky. Knowing how to be humble and highly skilled/successful is huge. Let them learn to like you for who you are and let your success and skills be an added bonus when they happen to discover them.

5. Always always always be polite! It doesn’t matter if you feel awkward or look like a dork, people value those who are polite and show them respect. Hold doors open, open car doors, be understanding and empathetic. Don’t be embarrassed to be a gentleman or gentlewoman it’s always appreciated, and it will be recognized in a good way.


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