Tips for dealing with Anxiety

Please subscribe in the column on the right to receive more Gluten Free recipes and show us your support! I have had anxiety for a number of years and along the way I have learned quite a few tips for helping get through an anxious moment, but there are only a few that I have found to be helpful and I decided to share them on here with you.

6×6 Breathing

I learned how to do this breathing from a therapist. There are only two steps to this, first you breathe in for 6 seconds then you breathe out for 6 seconds. This slows your heart rate and increases the amount of oxygen in your lungs to help calm you down.

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Daily Meditation/ Mindfulness

Daily Meditation/ Mindfulness has been one of the biggest helps to me, and I actually didn’t start seeing results from it right away. After a few weeks of daily meditating and practicing being mindful of the story I tell my self has been one of the most life changing practices. Even if I only have a couple minutes to meditate it makes a huge difference on how my day goes.

Paddle Your Boat in the Direction You Want to Go

Paddling your boat in the direction you want to go is a metaphor for thinking about how you want things to go and directing your thoughts towards that. For example if you are feeling anxious about something try to imagine/ visualize your self accomplishing what your anxious about with out having any anxiety  and with complete confidence.

Re-working Anxious thoughts

A lot of times anxious thoughts are negative thoughts about a certain situation or about ourselves this technique involves writing down what you are anxious about. Once you have written down the anxious thought, read it and try to re-write the thought but in a positive way. For example if you wrote “I am anxious about being able to go to work today.” re-write it as “I am okay to go to work today”. Even if the wording has to be I am just going to be okay enough to get through the day it should reflect the once negative thought as a positive thought or a more neutral thought.


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