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A Guide to your Emotions: A Self Help Journal

In today’s world depression is on the rise and people are becoming more unhealthy. I personally have experienced these things over the course of the last few years. Here are a few habits that have helped me get through tough times and change my life for the better.

Diet: Diets are always challenging at first but once you form the habit it get so much easier and you feel better. The things I cut out of my diet that helped the most were: Gluten, high quantities of sugar, dairy, and canola oil. Try AmazonFresh Free Trial

Meditate: Its proven that meditating for even 3 min. a day can reduce stress significantly. Check out Head Space! I use Head Space every day and it has had a very positive impact on my life, my stress levels are down and I have more bandwidth to deal with things.

Set Goals: Setting goals is huge, we all have something that we want to try to work towards no matter if its big or small a goal is a goal. Check out this Goal Planner!

Exercise: Spend at least 20 min a day exercising if its a 20 min brisk walk or 20 min in the gym exercise is key to having a health & happy life. Get some weights and get to work!

Do something today to make tomorrow a little easier.

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