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Use WordPress. I use word press and wont use anything other than wordpress because of the easy functionality. There are so many options that are available through a wordpress site including, ads, plugins, themes, and the ability to use custom html (which is a whole other blog post). Now when you sign up for word press try to pay for a business blog and a custom domain name its important to stand out and having a custom domain name is a key factor in standing out.

Design your site. Take some time and find a theme that will work well for you and look good for your audience (probably something I need to spend a little more time doing).

Choose a niche. One thing that I have struggled with but am working on is finding a niche. What is it that you are passionate about? What do you think you could write about every day or once a week? Once you start stick to it for this blog site.

Make a commitment to writing. If its every day or once a week set aside time that is dedicated to writing a post or two.

Draft posts. When you do sit down to write try to write a couple posts, but don’t post them all right away. I know its difficult you want to just post them all and get all the view right then and there. The truth is the views are slow to start it doesn’t matter how quickly you put all of your post out. A lot of people have a set day of the week they post blogs on and people that are following your posts will appreciate the schedule as well.

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Stay Tuned and subscribe to get notification when I post, My steps for taking your blog to the next level is in draft, and shortly after that Steps for Monetizing and Advertising your blog so you can start earning!

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    1. I like having the business account it has lots of great features. I need to work on how mine looks though. It’s all a work in progress!

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