2019 Goals

Goals are like trophies at the end of races. We all need something to motivate us, something to work towards, something to fuel the fire inside. Here are my Goals for 2019.

My first goal is probably going to be the most challenging goal but its for sure the one I desire the most. I want to by the end of 2019 have 2 sources of passive income. Now I have a couple ideas of what I want to do but they are not 100% complete.

My second goal is time consuming but something that I really enjoy doing. That goal is to write as many blog posts as I possibly can. I really enjoy telling my story and giving little pieces of advice so I have a feeling this goal wont be too difficult and hopefully you guys will follow me on that journey.

My third goal is going to happen slowly, and this goal might not just be for 2019 it will end up being one of my goals most likely for the rest of my life. This goal is to over come any challenges that I have in my life mentally, physically, and emotionally.



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