5 Benefits of Golfing

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Golf is a fun and challenging sport to play but if that’s not a good enough reason for you. Here are 5 benefits to playing golf. Before you check out the benefits to playing golf go order our journal to help you keep track of your scores, and average distances you hit your clubs! https://www.amazon.com/dp/1796676209

Exercise! Golfing requires cardio and core strength. Cardio, to keep walking all over the course to get your ball. Core strength, to hit the ball as straight and far as you can.

De-Stress! Many people have a hard time turning their attention away from stressful things in life. Well if you struggle with this you might want to try playing a round of golf. Golf takes quite a bit of focus and concentration, but not in a stressful way. This makes it easy for golfers to de-stress they turn their attention to golf and get a break from all the external stress.

Flexibility! Its no lie golfers have to be flexible. Golfing stretches the back, arms, and legs. Golfers are able to generate a lot of power from twisting their back, arms and legs thus making it very possible to get more flexible from playing golf.

Sunshine! Everyone knows more vitamin D is better for your health. Well golf is 3-4 hours of constant sunshine giving golfers optimal exposure to good old vitamin D. But do be sure to wear sunscreen because there is such thing as over exposure to the sun!

Friendly Competition! Golf offers a way to be competitive and have fun with friends. Competition is good for people, it keeps them striving to be better an improve on them selves.


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