Types of Golfers!

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So many people give up on golf. The truth is, that golf is difficult. You take a tiny ball and try to hit it 100’s of yards with a 3″ wedged shape attached to a rod all while wearing half dress clothes and half sports wear. This is no easy task especially if you haven’t taken any lessons, and if you don’t play often. Here are the top reason people give up on golf.

The emotional game! 90% of golf is in your head and 99% of golfers will tell you that. If you pay attention, the golfers that are relaxed and just focused on having a good time are usually the guys that don’t loose any balls that day. They usually swing smoothly and manage to keep it on the fairway. On the other hand the golfers that put all of their emotion behind their swing end up struggling to keep the ball in play. But of course we have all been the emotional golfer at some point. Here are examples of thoughts that cloud an emotional golfers mind.

“Come on I can out drive them I just have to summon all the power in my body.”

“Golfing with the boss, what a great idea we can show them whose really boss.”

“Psh they used their 9 Iron, I can hit it that far with my Pitching wedge.”

These golfers usually end up getting frustrated time and time again and give up. But hey if you can remember to relax, focus on having fun everything might turn back in your favor.

The over correct! These golfers are fairly easy to spot when your in a group with them. They hit it right on their first shot so they aim left on their second shot, the ball goes too far left they default back to center and are hitting the ball right again. “Maybe if I tee the ball up higher or lower it will go straight.” “I should rotate my hands over sooner that’ll fix it.” They hit a 150 yrd shot with their pitching wedge come up short, then next time hit 150 yrd shot with their 3 wood. (Okay maybe that’s an over exaggeration but you get what I mean.) These golfers end up messing with their swing so much that it gets beyond repair without professional help. Just remember be consistent don’t keep changing things through out 1 game of golf.

The excuse maker!  We all know what this golfer sounds like. Every sentence starts with “If I would have just…”. Shortly followed by the eye roll from whom ever they are playing with. I have a friend who I have played tons of golf with. Who will putt and come with in 1 inch of the cup but roll 6 feet past and every time with out fail say “Ah that would have gone in I’m counting that”. Its the excuse to cheat, which in the end doesn’t help them because they are not improving their game. So the lesson is don’t give an excuse every time something goes wrong, accept that it was a crappy shot and move on.

The over Practice Golfer! I am guilty of this one for sure. From experience I can tell you this golfer makes it a point to do at least 1 thing involving golf every day. Hitting a bucket of balls, playing 9 holes, buying something new to practice, one new club a week. This golfer always has something to report, “I got a new” “I played every day” “I hit 2 buckets before you got here”. This golfer has 20 new tips to remember every round of golf and knows exactly when when forget to use one of the new tips.

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