5 Tips to Improve your Golf Game

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The #1 tip I have is something that I have noticed a lot of players skip over practicing at the range. That #1 tip is Spend more time putting. Most golfers walk out to the range and really enjoy launching a bucket of golf balls on to the range and then only stop by to putt for a brief minute or two. There is so much more to putting than we think, different angles, judging the “touch” (speed/strength) we putt with, and uphill down hill variations. Its important to spend just as much time putting as we do practicing every other club.

Another tip for putting is to develop a routine before putting. For example, crouch down, hold your putter up and visualize a straight line from the cup to the ball, look for breaking points along that line, and many people like to adjust their ball to have the arrows pointing in the direction they want to put. Just developing a simple putting routine can help you spot things you wouldn’t have noticed before.

Tip #2 Understand Chipping VS Pitching. Many people alternate using these words for the shot that takes you out of the fairway or ruff and on to the green. One common misconception is that chipping and pitching are the same thing, they are not. Chipping causes the ball to run, and pitching causes the ball to stop. Many people use a 7 iron to chip with and a Sand Wedge or 60 degree to pitch with. I will explain the difference in detain in the Chipping VS Pitching blog post.

Tip #3 Practice 10-20 min per day. Do something simple and golf related for 10-20 min every day instead of doing one 2 hour lesson once a week. Practicing 10-20 min per day helps us retain changes that we have made to our swings. It also makes it a lot easier to remember all of the little adjustments we have made. The good news is practicing 10-20 min per day will help you see results that stick and happen a lot faster.

Tip #4 Recognize when the Pin should be the target and when it should not be the target. Often times golfers aim for the pin with every shot, but sometimes this is not the best option. There are situations where aiming to position yourself for a better shot is a better option then shooting for the pin and hoping for the best. Recognize these moments and try positioning yourself better rather then aiming for the pin. Try it out see if it makes a difference for you.

Tip #5 Take some time to play a round of golf by yourself. Getting out by yourself for even just a few holes gives you a chance to really focus on your swing and what you are doing. It allows you time to think through every shot and not feel the pressure of people waiting on you. Sometimes when I play by myself I like to hit 2 balls and practice different techniques for each ball.

Tip #6 Track your progress! I have created a Golf Tracking journal that allows you to track your score and how far you hit each individual club for 10 rounds of 18 holes of golf. This golf journal/ tracker will help you keep track of how well you have been doing so you can improve your game! Check it out!



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