Improve Your Short Game

It’s true many golfers have a difficult time with their short game, I am included. After many rounds of golf and lots of experimenting I finally found the answer!

Doing this one thing can improve your golf game drastically. For most of us, when we get with in 20 yards or so of the green we grab our sand wedge, pitching wedge, or 60 degree club. (Pause real fast, if you don’t have a 60 degree club, you need one that club alone helped my short game a ton! Here’s a link to go pick one up, it’s the exact same club I use.)

Callaway Golf 2018 Men’s Chrome Mack Daddy 4, Steel, Wedge Flex, Right Hand, S-Grind, 60.0 Degrees

Okay back to what I was saying. Usually with those clubs we struggle to judge how hard or how soft to hit the ball. Well what if I told you, those clubs aren’t always the answer when it comes to chipping. The 60 degree and the sand wedge are intended to be used when either hitting out of the sand, over an obstacle (like a hill, large slope, tree, sand pit, ect..), or when you need back spin. Now for those of you who pitch/ chip with your pitching wedge, I applaud you for having immense control. I usually only use my pitching wedge when I am 80 yards and further from the pin. All of these clubs fall into the “Pitching” category, because when you hit with these clubs they are designed to give the ball loft.

Here’s the tip for chipping. When I am 10 yards or so from the green and there isn’t an obstacle in between me and the pin. I will use a 7 iron, to chip on to the green. Now this tip requires a good sense of touch. I use the 7 iron like a putter and just chip the ball on to the green with minimal loft and a light touch. In the ideal scenario this gives you much more control over your shot then pitching the ball. Many people tend to ask me why not just use my putter for that. My answer is, when you use your putter in the “ruff” and not on the green it messes up your touch for when you are on the green and need to make a great put. Using a putter outside of the green requires you to use more power behind the putter which can cause you to associate more power with putting which isn’t ideal. Using a 7 iron requires less power than a putter to chip on to the green from the rough since it is a rather large club.

That is my Chipping/ Pitching advice and what Tips I have. Give it a shot next time you go golfing and comment below how it helped, or if it didn’t help you. If you like what your reading subscribe on the right to get emails when I post more golfing content. And if you haven’t already tried one of my golfing journals pick one up Here don’t forget to leave a review it really helps out the blog!


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