Tee Off with Your Driver

How High should your Tee be?

Many people have different opinions on how high you should tee the ball. Did you know there is a guide to how high it should be teed up based on the degree of your driver. Most drivers have a set degree of 10 by default. This means that when you hit the ball at the correct height, your ball will fly at 10 degrees down range. If you tee the ball up too high, it increases the degree at which your ball flies. If you tee the ball up too low, it decreases the degree at which the ball flies. So teeing the ball higher or lower might be beneficial to your strategy depending on the obstacles you are dealing with. Although as a good rule of thumb, never tee higher then 1 inch of the golf ball sticking up higher then the club, and never tee lower than the top of the ball being inline with the top of your club. This will help you get the most out of your 10 degree driver. All in all, you should for sure pay attention to how high you tee up next time you tee off with your driver!

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