2019 Goals Update

Lets review, my 2019 goals were awesome, but 2 of them were very generalized and well the first goal was a little to easy actually. Meaning it’s time for an update.

My first goal was to have 2 sources of passive income by the end of the year. Turns out I have had some awesome brain storming sessions over the last month or so and now I already have 4 sources of passive income set up. I think the best think to do is change the goal slightly. Since 2 sources was a drop in the bucket. Lets make it 15 I figure since I did 4 sources in 2 months with crazy amounts of motivation and tons of free time. Even if I start lacking in momentum I should be able to hit 15 by December of 2019. I have a couple of things coming in a few months that I am going to need your support with, so please subscribe, that way you can be a part of the awesome things coming!

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My second goal for 2019 was to write as many blog posts as I can. Well I think that’s a little too general. So lets change that to I will write at least 1 blog post a week in each one of the categories on my blog. If you haven’t checked out the categories yet, look at the menu above, there is the Golf Blog, Gluten-Free Blog, and Mental Health Blog.

My third goal on my last post was to continue to overcome the obstacles in my way. Well that’s a good goal but I think I with held some information form you guys on what the obstacles are. One of my biggest obstacles in my life is my anxiety it actually stops me from doing a lot of things, but I have plans in the next couple months to go out of my way to overcome one anxiety provoking situation. I can’t tell you quite yet what it is but you will know soon. Another obstacle I have had in my way is the amount of time an effort I have been able to invest in things so far the first couple months of this year I have been able to devote tons of time to things. The trick is to keep up the motivation to devote time. So my second obstacle is motivation.

These are my revised goals for 2019. If you haven’t already be sure to check out the latest and greatest blog posts I have created a couple journals that should help crush some goals this year! Thanks everyone for all the support!

Stay the course, and never give up!


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