Which Putter Works Best

Putting is arguably the most important part of your golf game, you can easily double your score when you are on the green. I am not a professional by any means, but I have played a lot of golf. That being said, I am going to share with you which putter helped me take my golfing experience to the next level! I went from shooting in the high 80’s to shooting in the low 80’s mid 70’s.

For about a year I tried 4 different putters. Most of them were the classic rectangular shaped putters with the little line to show you which direction you are putting. I for the longest time just could not visualize the line going all the way to the hole. I was basically putting blind. I would putt in the general direction of the hole and hope for the best because I couldn’t visualize the path the ball would take to get to the hole. Some people swear by the classic style putters but I just couldn’t do it.

After many difficult rounds of golf and multiple putters in my golf bag. I decided I needed to get it figured out once and for all. I went to my local golf shop and tried almost every putter in the store before I settled on the one I currently use. I could finally visualize the line, in the small in store putting green I made almost every putt. It’s the Odyssey putter with two circles behind the putters head. It looks like a space ship but having those two circles to visualize a line the actual size of the golf ball has made such a huge difference in my putting.

Odyssey 2018 Red Putters, 2-Ball Fang S, Winn AVS Mid-Size Pistol, 35″ Shaft, Right Hand

If you struggle visualizing the path that the ball will take with your classic style putter I highly recommend picking one of these putters up! It’s about time you see where you’re putting.

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